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Bifocal Lenses – Segment Shapes

In bifocal lenses, The lower lens segment which is also known as ‘seg’ comes in 4 shapes:

  • Half-moon, resembling a D segment
  • Round segment
  • Narrow rectangular segment
  • Franklin, E style or Executive style (full bottom half of the lens)

Brand: Essilor

Coating : Crizal UV (Anti Reflection, scratch resistance , uv protection)

Material : CR 39

Feautres : better clearity , ESPF :5

Benefit : UV protection  and clear optics

Benefits of Bifocal Glasses:-

  • Multifocal lenses having power of two lenses
  • Allow you to see distant and closer objects through a single type of lens
  • Ideal for aging people and those dealing with problems like presbyopia and eye teaming


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